Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment (QMRA) is an evolving risk science that aims to develop knowledge of the spread and control of infectious diseases. QMRA is particularly useful in the development of control strategies and evidence based policy decisions through the lens of health risk. While most of the models have been developed for human health risks, QMRA is not bound to just the human as an infectious disease host. QMRA models can be developed for animal and plant pathogens as well. 

The QMRAwiki is the QMRA community's portal for current quantitative information and knowledge developed for the Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment (QMRA) field. It is an evolving repository for QMRA knowledge and data available to the risk analysis community. The original wiki has been completely redeveloped to allow for better navigation and interaction with the data, apps and learning tools. Having started under the development within the CAMRA center, Dr. Mitchell and Weir have championed the redevelopment and gratefully acknowledge the funding of the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) under grant #R25GM108593


QMRA is a boundary science that allows for an acceleration of the impact and influence of microbiology, engineering, public health and mathematics knowledge. Since microbial risk lay within these boundaries QMRA data is both specific and broad. Data from immunology not considered in the water industry to address opportunitistic pathogen risks is a short anecdotal example of this. These disparate fields can impact each other and QMRA is a bridge to provide that impact. To that end QMRA is a data hungry field, and having a central repository for this data was noted. The QMRAwiki is a means to address this need.  

QMRAwiki is intended as more than just a repository. We aim to be a portal and community gateway. The QMRA community is a broad and inclusive one, where all ideas are given merit to be tested in this new and developing science. Therefore, the QMRAwiki welcomes all scientists, students and professionals interested in one-health, environmental protection and homeland security. Your contributions will help to build the QMRA community and will increase the usefulness of the QMRAwiki.

QMRAwiki was launched in 2011 and redeveloped in 2017. Its editors and contributors continue to add quantitative information regarding hazard identification, dose-response, exposure assessment, risk characterization and risk management. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to your contributions.


Affiliated Groups

The Center for Advanced Microbial Risk Assessment at Michigan State University

Public Health Risk Analysis Consortium - PHRAC

Healthcare Infection Transmission Systems - HITS Consortium