The Dose Response Calculator allows users to calculate exposure doses and risk estimates associated with 1) dose response models presented on the Wiki, or 2) manually dose response models. To complete calculations for any of the recommended dose response models on the wiki, users should select “Pathogen” from the first drop-down, and then select the pathogen of interest from the second drop-down.

The Dose-Response Calculator provides the user with a tool that greatly reduces the work it takes to perform a risk assessment. The tool offers an automated dose response calculator, which the user simply has to select a pathogen and input a dose to generate a completed dose response, this also serves as a model visualizer. An added feature of this application is its connection with the QMRAwiki, which provides a dynamically updated list of pathogens and models that the user can select from.

We have a simple example of cost-benefit tradeoffs for a scenario of decontamination following an anthrax event. 

This is an Android app (under develoment) that uses weather and hydrologic data from the internet, in combination with data observed at the beach, to determine risk of illness for recreational users.

QMRA apps and tools on other sites

  • MicroHibro is an online tool for microbial risk assessment in vegetables and meat. A draft manual is also available.
  • The GInaFiT tool uses Microsoft Excel to fit several microbial persistence models to data. See also a paper regarding this tool.