The Dose Response Calculator allows users to calculate exposure doses and risk estimates associated with 1) dose response models presented on the Wiki, or 2) manually dose response models. To complete calculations for any of the recommended dose response models on the wiki, users should select “Pathogen” from the first drop-down, and then select the pathogen of interest from the second drop-down. To complete calculations for a model not recommended on the Wiki, a user can select “Model” from the first drop-down, select the dose response model form of interest from the second drop-down, and then add the specified median parameter values. Users can specify a specific dose to output the associated risk estimate for the dose response model selected. If users would rather calculate exposure doses associated with known risk values, the first toggle can be selected to calculate for dose. Users can plot the model form with the second toggle. There are two calculators presented to allow for model comparisons across pathogen types or model forms. Note that only the median parameter values are currently allowed as inputs to the calculator. Thus, only point estimates of dose or risk are outputs of the calculator. Users are encouraged to follow the link to the overview page for the dose response model of interest to further explore the model fit, data quality, and parameter uncertainty estimates.

Dose Response Calculator