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P. aeruginosa is a bacterium that can cause severe infection in immunocompromised individuals or patients in the hospital. Infections of the blood, pneumonia, and other infections following a surgery are caused by this bacterium. Mild ear infections and skin rashes can occur when the bacterium affects healthy people.


It affects animals, plants, and humans. An infection often occurs during an existing condition, like cystic fibrosis. It can be mainly found in immunocompromised individuals, but the immunocompetent can be affected too.

Transmission / Exposure Route

Hospitals is the most common way the bacteria is transmitted. It can spread on the hands of healthcare works or by equipment contaminated and not properly cleaned. Water can also transmit the bacteria, like in hot tubs or swimming pools. Long wearing contact lenses may also contain the bacteria.

Case Fatality Ratio

In individuals affected by a mild infection, the mortality rate is lower. But, in more serious cases, so people that are immunocompromised or had recent surgeries, the mortality rate ranged from 18% to 61%.

Incubation Period

24-72 hours


A Gram negative, rod shaped bacterium. This bacterium is extremely antibiotic resistant, creating serious infections that are very hard to treat.

Enviromental Survival

P. aeruginosa can survive in an environment where there is some or no oxygen available. It is especially common in hospitals and swimming pools.

Dose Response Models

Route: , Response: death


\[P(response)=1-exp(-k\times dose)\]

Optimized parameters:
k = 3.22E-7
LD50 = 2150065

Route: injected in eyelids, Response: death


\[P(response)=1-exp(-k\times dose)\]

Optimized parameters:
k = 1.05E-04
LD50 = 6.61E+03

Route: contact lens, Response: corneal ulceration


$$P(response)=1-[1+dose\frac{2^{\frac{1}{a}}-1}{N^{50}} ]^{-a}$$

Optimized parameters:
a = 1.9E-01
N50 = 1.85E+04
ID50 = 1.85E+04

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